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A Logistics and Resources Administration Team Responsive Worldwide

Our teams are ready to assist in all logistic and resource administration needs at any point of the world

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About Group East Gate

Group East Gate, with its divisions for media, analyst relations, consulting, and technology resources, specializes in providing reliable and fully fledged logistic services and resources administration to organizations and companies requiring specialized support.

We pride ourselves on accountability for delivering results and working with the sense of urgency expected by these companies.

For organizations and companies looking to reach potential customers, business partners, and networking through the media and industry analysts in a strategic yet targeted, tactical and cost-effective fashion, Group East Gate can bring global, world-class expertise and experience to your company. We have energetic teams with great worldwide contacts.

For organizations and companies needing to outsource and administrate speialized resources either tangible or non tangible, our teams are able and ready at short notive worldwide, for medium and long term assignments. We count with pools of highly professional specialists in the most diverse areas and with the expertise to organize them in highly efficient teams for reaching your goals.

Most important: We enjoy what we do!

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